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Where to buy baby strollers for cheap price in Japan

Here are some of the best places to buy baby strolles in Japan!

Where to buy strollers and save money in Japan

1. Amazon Japan

If you haven’t registered for (it’s different from !) do it right now! From my experience, Amazon has the cheapest price for almost any baby items, including strollers.

The great thing about is that the site is available in English and Chinese too. Although they are not perfect due to automatic translation, it should be enough to get you through shopping.

How to change the site into English? Just jump to the website, scroll to the bottom until you see this:

Then just choose the language you want:

and there you go! Your website is now all in English! Now you can just go to “Create an Account” and make your account and order your baby items.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten (楽天)is a huge Japanese online shopping mall. Like the Amazon, you can find basically any baby item here. You will definitely find cheap strollers too.

Through Rakuten Global Market, you can make your purchases in English, and even have some items shipped to overseas. From my experience, Rakuten has more selection of items than Amazon Japan. You can also get more shopping points at Rakuten than amazon! However, the website format may be unfamiliar to some foreigners because it is very different from the Amazon. But if you get used to it, you can find a lot of items that are useful.

3. Nishimatsuya

Nishimatsuya (西松屋)is one of the biggest company in Japan for affordable baby and children items. It is popular among Japanese moms because they offer relatively good quality material for a cheap price. I especially like baby and kids clothing at Nishimatsuya because they are very cute! Baby food and toys are cheaper here than at bigger shops like Toys”R”us. Nishimatsuya also have their private brand, called Smart Angel. Private brands offer items at much lower cost, so strollers of Smart Angel can be much cheaper than famous brands like Aprica or Combi.

Nishimatsuya shops can be found all around Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. The location of shops can be found at the official website: (only in Japanese)

4. Birthday

Birthday (バースデイ)is another baby and kids item store that offers at affordable price. You can get Birthday original strollers here for good price. Also, there are original Birthday items that were developed in collaboration with famous brands, such as Combi and Pigeon. These are good quality and relatively good price.

I personally go to Nishimatsuya when I want cute, fancy character kids clothes, and Birthday when I want to buy simple and natural design clothes. Birthday stores are in almost all prefecture in Japan. The locations of stores can be found on the official website: (only in Japanese)

5. Toys’R’us

Toys’R’us (トイザラス), is relatively expensive than the other shops I introduced above. But occasionally, they have super sales that offers items at surprising low price, like 50% discount. So if you can get strollers during this period, you may be able to find a good deal for strollers.

Buying second-hand strollers

*still updating this section! Please look forward to it!

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