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Toys to Help Teach Your Kids Japanese Hiragana

Here are some toys that will help your kids learn Hiragana (ひらなが) that actual Japanese kids use.

Toys that will help your kids learn Hiragana

1. Hiragana building blocks

Blocks are called tsumiki (積み木). Tsumiki like this, which is like a small picture dictionary with illustration on one side and hiragana on the other side is a very popular toy for kids. I had them myself when I was a toddler too! All the pieces are the same shape and size, and can be used for building blocks, dominos, and stacking. The pictures are very simple with bright colors, so they are good for learning words too. The Hiragana blocks are common gifts for kids 2, 3, and 4 year old birthdays.

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2. Anpanman hiragana magnet

If your child likes Anpanman, this is the one to get! It comes with a magnet board, so kids can practice hiragana matching. All the hiragana comes with an Anpanman character, such as あ for あんぱんまん (Anpanman), so is perfect for kids to become familiar with the letters. The board is somewhat long, but is foldable and doesn’t take up space. It can be used as a simple matching game even before kids understand hiragana.

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3. Hello Kitty hiragana bathtub poster

Put this Hello Kitty hiragana poster on the bath wall and your kids can learn words and have fun in the bath at the same time! The illustration is very cute and attractive. The poster will stick to the wall so there is no need for a pin or magnet. It also comes with 123 numbers and ABC alphabet posters.

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4. Hello Kitty room mat

Another Hello Kitty toy! This is a mat that comes in square pieces, so you can decorate the floor with it, or simply use it as toy blocks. The hiragana parts come off and can be used as puzzles. The pictures also comes off and can be played as puzzles. Light and safe for little kids to handle.

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5. Gakken hiragana tablet

This is a hiragana learning tablet from Gakken, a very famous company for children education. This tablet will teach kids hiragana, katakana, words, and pronunciation. The display on the lower left will show the stroke orders of each letter. Stroke order is very important in Japanese! There is also a shiri-tori game mode (shiri-tori is a popular Japanese word chain game that kids love). Perfect for 3, 4, 5 year olds.

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More toys coming up soon!

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