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Online baby stroller rental sites in Japan (English friendly sites included!!)

If you are travelling to Japan with your baby for a just a short period, it might be a good idea to consider baby stroller rentals, rather than bringing your own or buying one here.

There are many stroller renting companies in Japan that you can order online. They are clean and affordable, so many Japanese moms decide to rent them too.

Here are some of useful sites when you want to rent a baby stroller in Japan.

*Note: If you are comfortable with Japanese, or have someone who can support you with Japanese (friend, hotel staff, etc) I recommend you rent a stroller from a Japanese site. It is SO MUCH CHEAPER!!! And SO MANY MORE OPTIONS!!

Baby stroller rental sites (English-friendly)

1. Lileo (リリオ)

This is a new company that started baby stroller rentals. As of November 2018, there are two types of strollers available from $10.00/day. You can also buy a package for newborns (diapers, wipes, baby washes, etc) to help you get started to life in Japan.

Once you order online, the stroller will be delivered to a hotel or a post office of your choice. You return it by putting all the products in the original bag, attach the returning labels (sent to you with the stroller) to the package, and give it to the hotel or post office staff. Very easy!

  • Site name: Lileo (リリオ)
  • Stroller rent fees: From $10.00/day
  • Order deadline: 5 days
  • Deposit fee: $50.00/stroller
  • Delivery/Return: Hotel, nearby post office
  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Website:

2. Japan Stroller Rental

This is also a new site for baby stroller rentals. As of November 2018, there is 1 type of stroller and 1 type of a baby crib available for rent. The website seems somewhat incomplete so not much information could be found, but I will notice you if there is any new information!

After you order online, your items will be sent to your accommodation. Returning will be done by packing the stroller and giving it to the courier. For more information, please contact the company directly.

  • Site name: Japan Stroller Rental
  • Stroller rent fees: From 3,000 yen/day (discount for long-term rentals)
  • Crib rent fees: Not indicated on website
  • Order deadline: 4 days
  • Deposit fee: Not indicated
  • Delivery/Return: Hotel, accommodation, etc
  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Website:

3. StrollerTrip

This is a service that just began in November, 2018. It is especially designed for travellers in the Tokyo’s 23 ward (東京23区).  As of November 2018, there are two models of strollers available.

The nice thing about this service is that you can order a stroller a day before usage. The cost is not cheap, but if you are travelling in Tokyo and decide to rent a stroller, you should contact here.

  • Site name: StrollerTrip
  • Stroller rent fees: From 7,000 yen/4 days  (from 2,000 yen/day after day 5)
  • Order deadline: 1 day
  • Delivery/Return: Hotel, accommodation, etc
  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Website:

4. “Iro-iro Rental” (いろいろレンタル) Iro-iro Rental (“Iro-iro” means many different things) is a Japanese-only site. It has so many items for rental, not just baby strollers. An average rental fee for a stroller is 4,000 yen per MONTH, which is really really cheap. They have more than 100 different strollers on the list, including 4 wheels, 3 wheels, and a double stroller! Small items such as a stroller rain cover are also available.

They have monthly rentals plans only, but even if you are just using it for a week it may still be cheaper to rent it here than using the English-friendly sites I mentioned above. So if you want to keep you costs low, this is the site you should use.

The only downside is that they do not recommend delivery to hotels or other public addresses (post office, etc) due to trouble with receiving/returning. You must receive it a normal home. If you have anyone you know that is living in Japan, ask them for support!

  • Site name: Iro-iro Rental (いろいろレンタル)
  • Stroller rent fees: From 2,440 yen/month
  • Order deadline: From 2 days
  • Deposit fee: None
  • Delivery/Return: Regular homes
  • Language: Japanese only
  • Website:


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