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Nursing and baby rooms near JR Sannomiya Station, Kobe Japan

Sannomiya is the central area of Kobe city, Japan. It is a very convenient place but if you decide to go there with a baby, it is a good idea to know where the nursing rooms are.

Nursing rooms (授乳室 ju-nyu-shitsu)are rooms specially made for mom and babies as a place to breast feed. Rooms called “Baby Room” (ベビールーム) often has a diaper changing bed, garbage can for diapers, and sometimes a sofa, vending machine, baby chairs, tables, and a microwave for feeding the baby.

In this post, I will introduce the nursing rooms within 10 minute walk from JR Sannomiya Station.

Nursing and baby rooms near JR Sannomiya Station

Sannomiya OPA2

OPA2 is a shopping mall that just opened in February 2017. It was formerly located in a different street of Sannomiya, and was called OPA. I think the baby room at OPA2 is the cleanest and easiest to access from Sannomiya.

The baby room is located on the 8th floor, where the restaurants are. It might be a somewhat confusing, but fathers are allowed in the baby room too. However, men are not allowed inside the Nursing rooms within the Baby room.

There are three diaper changing rooms when you first walk inside. It’s nice that each bed has a small ‘wall’ so that babies won’t roll off! There are plastic bags to put in the soiled diapers, and also a garbage box. (Note: Japanese people care about how to dispose dirty diapers. If there is poop, please put it in the plastic bag before throwing it in the garbage because it smells!!)

On the other side is space to park the strollers while you change the diapers. This way, the strollers won’t get in other people’s ways.

There is also hot water available for making formula milk. The red number (’79’ in the photo above) is the temperature of the water in Celsius. It is extremely hot so be careful not to let kids touch it! The sink in the middle can be used to run water over the hot milk bottle to make it luke warm. The sink at the left is for washing your hands.

And, the nursing room is next to this.


It is nice and clean, but there are only 2 room available so it could get crowded during busy days. There is a chair and a small table.

This button, located on the wall of each nursing room, is for EMERGENCY ONLY!! Please do not touch it other than emergency, and please make sure your child does not touch it. You can use this button if there is any danger, or if you feel sick, or need someone to come help you. You can press on the 呼出 (yobi-dashi, meaning “make call”) button or by pulling on the cord. The message on the right panels says “Please use this switch if you feel sick or if an emergency happens”. These type os buttons are commonly found in nursing rooms in Japan.

These are the only nursing rooms available at OPA2. However, there are also many chairs and sofas available on the same floor. It is dimly light, so you can definitely use the area to breast feed as long as you bring a nursing cape. Note: Many Japanese people are uncomfortable with moms breast-feeding without a cape. Capes are cheap, light, and warm so I recommend you to get one if you have a baby who needs breast milk!

General information about OPA2

Name Sannomiya OPA2
Open hours Restaurant floor: 11:00 – 23:00

Others: 10:00 – 21:00

Closed days None
Address 6-1-15 Kumoi-dori, Kobe
Access 1 min walk from JR Sannomiya Sta. East exit

Connected at 2nd Floor Portliner Sannomiya Sta.


Mint Kobe

Mint Kobe is also a shopping mall in Sannomiya. It has restaurants, many fashion shops, a movie theater, and many other shops.  It’s concept is “fashionable” and is not really made for families with babies.

Nursing and baby room

Unfortunately, there is only ONE nursing room available at Mint Kobe. It is on the 5th floor Women’s bathroom.

In the nursing room, there is a sofa, diaper changing bed, baby high chair, garbage can for diapers, and a sink. It has been renewed recently so it is very clean. But because there is only one room, I have seen a lineup during busy days.I recommend you bring a nursing cape. There are many sofa type chairs available outside the bathrooms.

Also, there are no hot water available so you will have to bring your own to make formula milk.


If you are just looking for places to change diapers, there are one in most bathrooms, including the multipurpose bathroom and the one on the 9th floor movie theater. There is a rock-climbing spot on the 18th floor, but there is no diaper changing bed there.

It is a bit unfortunate that such a popular shopping mall is not made baby-friendly. However, it is understandable because most shops are targets for young non-families. The elevators are quite crowded too, so it could be difficult to move around especially on the weekends.

If you are in urgent need for a nursing room, you should run to OPA2 (recommended above) or just bring a nursing cape!

General information

Name Mint Kobe
Open Hours Depends on shop
Closed Days Non scheduled
Address 7−1−1 Kumoi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
アクセス方法 1 min walk from JR Sannomiya Sta. East exit

Connected at 2nd Floor Portliner Sannomiya Sta.


There are also nursing rooms available at other shopping malls near Sannomiya, which I will be updating on this post!

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to write about, feel free to contact me 🙂

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