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Useful items to prevent kids heatstroke: Summer in Japan

Hi! I am Sakura, a Japanese mom living in Japan.

In my last post, Life-Saving Ways to Survive Summer in Japan with Kids, I gave tips on how to deal with the dreadful heat during the summer and prevent heatstroke. Today I will introduce some very useful cool-down items that can be used! All of them are kids-friendly.

Hat with brim

Cap types are nice, but hats with wide brim is better as a sun shade. Many hats have UV protection function and are air-permeable. You might see many Japanese kids wearing a cap with a neck cover. It helps cover the neck and typically worn at preschools.

Neck ice belt

This is a cool belt you can put around your neck. The neck is important to cool down, as it has blood carrying heat to the brain. You need to have the inside ice frozen before you use it, so don’t forget to put it in the freezer at home or at the hotel. It is reusable, safe, and doesn’t get your clothes wet. Easy for kids to handle too.

Portable fan

There are small portable fans that can be placed on the stroller. Wind will evaporate sweat and cool down the body. There are fans that characters too! Make sure the gaps on the cover the thin so that your child will not stick her finger in it and get injured.

Instantaneous freezing spray

This item sprays -20 degrees C (-4 F) freezing air and instantaneously cools your body. It feels super nice in the hot weather! You can use it over your clothes. The cold does not last long, but it will be useful if your child starts to show signs of heatstroke.

Towel freezing spray

It is similar to the previous cold spray, but this one can be used to actually freeze a towel. The frozen towel is very comfortable to cool down your body.

Hat cooling sheet

Kids sweat a lot inside their hat! This cold sheet can be attached inside the hat, and it will absorb sweat and cool down the head.

Ice pack back pack

This special back pack is cold and can be worn by little children. It has one ice pack inside (200 g).  It allows children to run around and play without having to hold anything.

Ice pack for strollers and baby carriers

This ice pack can be placed on strollers and baby carriers. It will keep the baby cool. Reusable, washable, and can be attached to any type of stroller or baby carrier.

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