How an ordinary Japanese mom spends her day (with two kids)

Being a stay-at-home-mom with two young children can be pretty overwhelming. I always wonder how other moms are going through this stage. What do they do everyday?  Where do they go? When do they prepare dinner?

Here is an example of how I spend a day with my #1 daughter (2 years old) and #2 daughter (0 years old).

A day in a life of a Japanese mom (with two kids)

7:00 Mom wakes up

8:00 Kids wake up

(breakfast/get changed/brush teeth/etc)

(do laundry)

10:00 Leave for park/kids play space/library/shopping mall

12:00 Come home

(lunch/brush teeth)

13:30 #2 daughter nap time/#1 daughter indoor play time/ prepare dinner

15:30 #2 daughter wakes up

(snack time)

16:00 TV time or go take a walk

18:00 Dad comes home/Dinner

19:30 Brush teeth/bath/change to pajamas

20:30 Bed time for kids (Dad’s duty to put them to sleep)

(Mom finishes house chores)

21:00 Parents free time (and my blog time!)

0:00 Light out


This is the schedule when EVERYTHING goes smoothly, and many days it doesn’t. My husband’s work schedule changes every week, so sometimes he’ll leave at 5am, while other times he leaves at 3pm. On days when he leaves home in the afternoon, the kids get a lot of daddy time in the morning which is nice (and I also get some free time away from kids!).

I am really not a chef and often find it difficult to cook, because my #1 daughter does not like to play alone for a long time. I try to make a lot of food at once, so I will have enough for two or more meals. Usually, our lunch is just left over from last night’s dinner. Or if we don’t have enough, I just prepare rice with furikake (tasty rice seasoning), cooked egg, and maybe a fruit.

To be honest, deciding where to take the kids to in morning is the most difficult for me. I mean, there are parks and libraries and public play spaces, but I’ve been to all of them so many times now. And with two kids, there are not a lot of choices to where I can go. Mid-summer and mid-winter was pretty stressful for me because I couldn’t take the kids outside.

I think this is a very typical day a Japanese non-working mom spends her day with kids. How do moms in other countries spend their days? 🙂

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