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BEST 3 popular baby strollers in Japan 2018: type, brand and how to choose

Thinking about buying a baby stroller in Japan? Here are the most popular ones!

Guide to baby strollers in Japan

First, you should note that there are 2 types of strollers in Japan: A type (A型, A-gata)and B type (B型, B-gata). Simply put, A-types are tougher and more expensive, but can be used from as young as 1 month old. B-types are less stable and have to wait until baby can sit by himself, but is cheaper. Here are the detailed pros and cons of each type.

A type


  • More stable – less vibration goes to baby
  • Can be used from 1 month – perfect for baby’s first stroller
  • Better cushion – Safe for young babies
  • Handle usually reversible – You can choose if you want the baby facing yourself or the other way
  • Usually reclining seat – Useful when baby falls asleep or for babies before sitting


  • More expensive than B-type
  • Heavier
  • Takes up more space (even when folded)

B type


  • Cheaper than A-type – Usually half the price
  • Usually thinner – Takes less space
  • Lighter – Nice when you need to carry the stroller around


  • Cannot be used for very young babies – Usually only from 7 months old
  • Less soft and stable – May be shaky with lots of vibration for baby
  • Usually seats cannot recline a lot
  • Usually handle not reversible

So, if you are planning to use the stroller for a 1 month old, just get the A-type. If you are using it for a 3 year old and want to keep the costs low, just get the B-type. I got my stroller when my first daughter was 1 month old. We don’t own a car and knew for sure that we would be using the stroller a lot, so we got the A-type. We’re glad we gone that one because it is so much more stable. My daughter is 3 years 10 month old now, but she still likes taking naps in her A-type stroller.

But if I did own a car, or knew I was going to rely heavily on carriers instead of strollers, I may have chosen the B-type. So, my advise is to consider your life style when choosing which type of stroller you should buy.

3 BEST baby strollers in Japan: Ranking 2018

Here are some of the most popular baby strollers used in Japan!

1. COMBI “mechacal” (コンビ メチャカル)

COMBI is one the largest baby item company in Japan. If you don’t have any preference on which stroller to buy, just get the one from COMBI because they have the best ones. “Mechacal” (メチャカル)is a word coined from “mecha” (very frank way of saying ‘very’) and “karui” (meaning light). The weight of the stroller is only 4.2 kg. But the best thing about this stroller is the “egg shock” material used in the head cushion. It absorbs 3 times more shock than the previous strollers, and will help save the head of the baby. If you are planning to used the stroller extensively for a very young baby, this is the one you should buy!

  • A-type
  • Age: 1 month – 3 years old
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • “Egg shock” super absorbent head cushion
  • Reversible handle

Search on Combi Stroller “Mechacal” Auto 4 Cas Egg Shock nvy

2. APRICA  “karoon air” (アップリカ カルーンエアー)

APRICA is also a very famous and popular baby item company. “karoon” is a word coined from “karui” (軽い), meaning light. So the best thing about this stroller is that it’s very light… surprising 3.8 kg! The seat is high at 52 cm above the ground, and can keep the baby safe from dust and heat reflection from the concrete. It is one of the cheaper A-type strollers. If I could buy a new stroller for a newborn baby right now, I would choose this one!

  • A-type
  • Age: 1 month – 3 years old
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • One of the lightest A type strollers
  • Reversible handle

Search on APRICA baby stroller “Karoon Air” super lightweight High Seat

3. GRACO “citi go”

This is newest version of the stroller that I currently own (mine is 2016 version called GRACO “citi ace”) and have used it for almost 4 years! The best thing about this GRACO stroller is the super large size (26.5 L) of the underneath basket that can afford up to 5 kg. I can fit a fully packed backpack, or a large bag of groceries. It was especially helpful when I travelled with my kids overseas . I chose this one because I knew I would be going grocery shopping everyday using this. This newest GRACO stroller has been updated and it now only 3.9 kg in weight (mine is 5.2 kg).

  • A-type
  • Age: 1 month – 3 years old
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Large basket (26.5 L), afford up to 5 kg
  • Reversible handle

Search on GRACO baby stroller “citi go” Lightweight/High Seat/Big storage


Ranking for the B-type is still in preparation!

For information on how to save money on strollers, check this post: Where to Buy Cheap Baby Strollers in Japan

If you have any questions, topics you want me to cover, so requests, please feel free to contact me 🙂


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