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Adorable Baby Kimonos and Traditional Clothes You Must Buy In Japan

Are you traveling to Japan with your toddler? Here are some of the most adorable Japanese style clothes that will be perfect with your kids!

Adorable Baby Kimonos and Samurai Clothes…

Japanese Hakama for babies

Hakama is type of Japanese traditional dress that is worn at graduation ceremonies, especially for girls.

For babies, hakama is popular for special occasions such as the Omiya-maeri (First visit to the shrine at 1 month),  Okuizome (“First meal” celebration on the 100th day) , Hina-matsuri (Girls Festival), Kodomo-no-hi (Children’s Festival) and New Years.

Boys can wear them too!

This “Sweet Mommy Japanese Baby Hakama” comes in two sizes, 80 cm and 90 cm, and 10 different designs. Made with organic cotton and easy to wear!


Smaller hakama from size 50 cm to bigger sizes up to 120 cm are also available from Sweet Mommy Japanese Baby Hakama.

Japanese Hakama for girls

Typically, hakama for young girls come in warm colors like red and pink. They often have flower designs like cherry blossoms. If you are planning to take photos, I recommend you also get a hair band and socks that matches the hakama!

Japanese Hakama for boys

Boy hakamas are typical black and white, or other dark colors.

Although they look complicated to wear, they are usually just buttons you can easily snap on, or just like a shirt and pants. They are easy to move around in, so don’t worry if your boy needs to run around!

Japanese Yukata for babies

Yukata is a traditional Japanese summer kimono. It is still worn today during the summer, especially at summer festivals.

Real adult yukatas are somewhat complicated to put on, but baby yukata are just like normal baby clothes and are easy to wear.

The are soft, light, and perfect to wear during the summer!

Japanese traditional design bibs

Japanese style baby bibs (or baby aprons) are perfect for everyday uses.

Bibs are called “Yodare-kake”. Some designs are beautiful and traditional, but you can also get comical Japanese design bibs too!


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