About myself and this blog

Hi everyone! My name is Sakura.

I am a very ordinary Japanese mom, born and raised here, and is currently living in the Kansai area with my husband and two girls (3 and 1 year old).

Just like for any other mother in the world, the 4+ years of pregnancy, birth, and parenting has been crazy for me. Sleepless nights, high fevers, flying food, flip outs, the mess and the terrible two’s and developmental milestones and the idealistic image of the supermoms…

But one day it came to my mind, “If this is crazy enough for me, how are foreigners in Japan doing this?”

I started searching websites and blogs about how non-Japanese residents are managing their parenthood here. And it made me realize that there are not so many information out there. I have travelled abroad many times and understand how difficult it can be to live in a country with language barriers. Even simple things like using the public transport, or getting the food you want can be frustrating…especially with kids!

So I decided to start a blog myself.

What do babies in Japan eat? Where can you get useful baby items in Japan? Where are the best places to go with kids? What is a ‘typical Japanese mom’? These are just examples of questions I will answer through this blog.

If you are a foreigner already living in Japan, or is planning to move or travel to Japan with your family someday, or is simply curious about how parenting goes in Japan, this is a perfect blog for you!

I hope you enjoy my blog!



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