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8 Must Buy Baby Items In Japan

  • Must Buy Baby Items in Japan

1. Japanese baby kimonos

Babies wearing traditional clothes are just so adorable! Many Japanese families prepare little kimonos and yukata (Japanese summer kimono) for their babies.

There are kimono style clothes for both boys and girls, and for infants to bigger kids.

Most baby kimonos are very easy to put on, just like normal baby clothes, washable, light, and very comfortable. Perfect for gifts too!

Check out Best Japanese style baby kimono and traditional baby clothes for more on this topic!

2. Japanese baby books

Japanese baby books are typically very cute and uses many sound expressions (onomatopoeia). They only use Hiragana, so it is perfect for read loud too.

Here are some Japanese baby books that our family actually have (and many typical Japanese families do too!)

3. Japanese baby toy: Winnie the Pooh 6 Way Baby Mobile

If you don’t know what toy you should get for your baby, just get this one! The original name is “Winnie the Pooh 6 way Henshin Merry”. Henshin (へんしん)means to transform, and Merry (メリー)means mobile toy. This toy can be arranged into 6 formation,  so newborn babies, babies who can sit up, crawl, and toddle can all enjoy this toy in different ways. In fact my daughter practiced standing up using this baby gym!

The soft color and  cute expression of the pooh stuffed animals are typical for a Japanese baby toy.

There are several buttons so the baby can enjoy music and lights. The yellow button will start classical music, and pink will start well-known Japanese kids songs. All music are comfortable, music-box style so no lyrics come with it, just the melody.

I came across this toy while I was searching Amazon for toys for my first daughter.  It has a 4.4 star rate from 813 reviews (as of November 2018)! This is SUPER high and I have never seen any toy in Japan with so many reviews. I think it was about 700  reviews at that time I bought it.

My daughter is turning 4 years old next month, and believe me, she still enjoys playing with it with her little sister. This is truly the BEST toy I got for my baby.

Note: This toy uses 3 C-size batteries

Takara Tomy Winnie-the-pooh Baby 6way Gym Henshin Mary

4. Japanese baby toy: Rice grain toys

Japanese safe and high quality baby toys are becoming very popular among non-Japanese families too. For example, this “Mochi” brand baby block set is made of rice grains so it is very safe for babies to put in their mouths.

It is perfect for gifts and Baby Showers too.

They also have rice grain rattles and teething toy, and bay trumpets.


5. Japanese baby toy: Character toys

If you like Japanese anime characters, get some for your baby too!

Ghibli and Hello Kitty are common characters used for baby toys.

Also, characters like Anpanman are not well-known overseas, but is loved by almost every child in Japan.

6. Japanese disposable baby diapers

Japanese diapers are well-known for their high quality, great absorption, and different size and fit for all babies. Some tourists come to Japan just to get these disposable baby diapers!

The most famous brand is Pampers, but there are so many other brands too.

I made a guide to Japanese baby diapers, so be sure to check this page too.

Complete guide to Japanese baby diapers – 6 Top brands, price, size, type, where to buy 


7. Diaper garbage bag

This is something I really regret not getting earlier. If you put soiled diapers in this bag, it will not smell!

I bought it after my second daughter was born, because we were having so many soiled diapers (my first daughter was still using diapers) and it was starting to smell inside the house. Since I have started using this bag, I have no stress from diaper smells at all.

I like it better than the diaper garbage can, because it doesn’t take up space, don’t have to maintenance the can, and don’t have to worry about what to do with the can after toilet training. Unfortunately, not all drugstores sell this bag so I always buy it through the amazon.
It is perfect for traveling too when you can’t find a diaper garbage bin. Comes will plenty 200 sheets!

8.Japanese baby feeding items

Baby food is called “Rinyu-shoku” in Japan. Rinyu means weaning, and Shoku means food.

Many Japanese families prepare special plates and cutlery for their babies. These items are often cute, durable, and made in Japan.

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