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4 Best Baby Toys to Buy in Japan (0 year olds)

Wondering what toy you should get for your baby while you are in Japan? Here are some of the best Japanese toys to get for your 0 years old! They are also perfect as gifts to give to families living outside Japan.

Best Japanese baby toys

1. Toy Set Made From Rice

This is a set of baby toys, all made of rice grown in Japan! It includes a rattle, 2 teething rings, and a horn. It is not painted, so very safe for babies to put in their mouths. Perfect first toy for your baby.

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2. Anpanman Pop-up Fabric Book

If you are a family living in Japan, I’m sure you have noticed this Anpanman character everywhere. It is a long hit super hero animation for babies and toddlers. The face is so easily recognizable that even 0 year olds will point to it, and so easy to pronounce many babies (including my daughter too) first word is “Anpanman”!

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3. Anpanman Super Fun Box

Another Anpanman Toy! This is a very exciting box with lots of different buttons, music, puzzles, toy smart phone and mayonnaise, and many more that babies and toddlers love to do. It can be use from 0 years old, but many people get it on the baby’s 1-year-old birthday.

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4. Music Box Car

This is a wooden toy with a music box. When you move the forward or backwards, a soft music goes on. I got this for my second daughter’s first birthday, and she loved it. All the corners of the are round and very safe.

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